The general aim of this website - is:

  • Substantial support to people interested in Buddha Dharma (both for practitioners, interested in theory itself, as well as the ones with a favourable attitude)

Specific aims are the following:

  • to publish Buddhist source texts
  • to publish Buddhist texts of selected ancient and contemporary teachers
  • to publish texts written by ancient and contemporary Buddhist teachers. We give the highest priority to canonical texts, then texts by several ancient teachers from India, China, Tibet, Japan, etc., and after that, texts by selected contemporary teachers.
  • to make available Dharma speeches and comments by contemporary teachers in the form of audio files
  • to provide information about some events, such as: sesshin, lectures, initiations, seclusions, and other practices and meetings.
  • to make available addresses of various groups practising Buddhism and schools and universities where Buddhist teachings are given.
  • to provide information about selected publications released on the market
  • to publish some materials, placed in this portal, in the form of scripts/books so as to make them available to people having no access to a computer/the Internet
  • to send CDs with materials to people who have no possibility to retrieve them from the Internet, or which have too much volume to be made available in full

May everyone who at any time viewed this website have remembered about it or at least thought or talked about it, Never be born in lower worlds;
May they experience only perfect human incarnations;
May they meet on their way a friend embodying the perfect integrity of Mahayana. And may they reach the state of Buddha enlightenment as soon as possible.