Mowa Dharmy

Yoon Jung Choi

- Whenever we go, keep harmoney with others and help the poor -
- Real "I" is pure and clear thing originally -

Now we are facing the problem of how to live as we start the new year. But is the New year different from others? Human route is always the same. If we look close, success and failure is not different. Everything comes from our minds. But we don`t know our true-selves so we get angry, happy, anxious, miserable and worrisome. If we know our true selves everything would be fine.

Individuals, family and country are the same. Our country had a lot of disasters last year. How can we wish everything to go well? But if only we work sincerely at work, at home wherever we go then every individual ,family community and country would be fine.

As for a man, if he keeps good harmony with the six senses( eyes, ear, tongue,

nose, body and mind) then he never gets ill. But we easily attach to our six senses so we get sick easily. Country, heaven, and the earth are not much different from our bodies. Who does well with his own business can do well with his society. Who does not well with his own business can`t do well with his society.

Human body is the same as the heaven and the earth itself.

Be in good harmony with others and live joyfully wherever you may go.

Don`t do harm to others nor ourselves. Time flows so fast, there`s no time for us to do harm to others and our selves. Make a mind to do for others.

In this new year, we should be devoted to our jobs first and we should be in good harmony with our neighbors . Last we should try to live simply. Then we can make paradise in this wold.

What is dhyna(zen) and Samatha( concentration)? Zen means not making defilement and concentration means sitting and insight to true nature. True nature is no mind. Concentration means not moving mind in any case like: advantage, disadvantage, good reputation, bad reputation or in happiness or unhapiness.

So it is said that someone gets deliverance of mind with Samatha. Being free from defilements means cutting off all his greed, hatred, and ignorance from his consciousness.

What is true "I" through out the past, present and future

The only clear and pure thing free from defilements is true"I"

Whether the flowers bloom, or the leaves fall

But the root is the same one

The sun and the moon neither rises nor sets

What is true "I"? Who am I? This is not I. What has come into this world? The only clear thing free from greed, hatred, and ignorance is true "I". True "I" is beyond the the wold of relativity: right- wong, small-big, cold-hot, good-bad... I exsit before thinking. It is very precious to try to find our true selves even within a blink of the eye, because we are human.

No matter how he is rich or respected, his life is not always consentful and happy. Whether the flowers bloom or leaves fall, the root is still the same . We are all in one root. There is no differnce between your mind and my mind. Each of us has different shape but everyone is in the same mind. Lots of people dissapear from this world . But don`t they exist? Originally our bodies are formless like the cloud in the sky. There is a Master who drives his own body inside. This is the real I. True I is permanant. It neither arises nor ceases, it is neither dirty nor pure, neither increases nor decreases, neither borns nor dies, neither goes nor comes. True I is out of confinement , suffering. So it is in Nirvana.

What is True"I" through out the past, present and future

The only clear and pure thing free from defilements is real I

Whether the flowers bloom or the leaves fall

The root is the same

The Sun and the moon neither arises nor sets


Do practice! The teachers in the old days said "Save time as we do for our own eyes." Saving time is more precious than saving money. We should know getting other`s confidence is more precious than getting money. Health is much more precious than confidence. Health is most precious thing .

Let`s take care of our health in the New Year!